Kitsap Pumas player Trevor Jensen writes about his experiences

Kitsap Pumas player Trevor Jensen writes about his experiences

mugTrevor Jensen

by Trevor Jensen, Kitsap Pumas player

At first glance at a map, it would be easy to overlook the county of Kitsap. While the allure of Kitsap can often be overshadowed by the bright and inviting lights of the extravagant Seattle skyline, there is much more to Kitsap than just the beautiful lakefront homes that line the Sound.

Kitsap is home to something that is of much more importance than the big corporations or the vibrant night life of its Seattle neighbor (or any other big city for that matter). The small county of Kitsap is home to potential; potential for growth; the potential to work toward achieving one’s dreams.

Pumas_logoIf you asked me a few years ago what I thought about living in Bremerton I would have not even known what state it was located in. However, after concluding my college soccer career at Willamette University I found myself yearning for another opportunity to continue playing the game I love, the game I have played since I was only three years old. And after finding out about the Kitsap Pumas upcoming tryouts I had found my opportunity. However, it was just that, an opportunity and by no means a guarantee.

After taking three different buses totaling over eight hours, a ferry ride and attending both tryouts in the pouring rain, I was one of the last players signed to the team. The initial excitement of being chosen was quickly watered down by the realization of the seemingly insurmountable odds of seeing the field that upcoming season.

Coming from a small Division III private school in Oregon, I was not expected to make much of an impact throughout the season, especially when playing against rosters almost solely comprised of top Division I players. However, just as the importance of Kitsap isn’t measured by its downtown skyline, my worth was not measured by my soccer resume.


Hard work, positivity and sacrifice became the backbone of my daily routine. And within a period of a few months I went from not knowing if I would ever be able to play soccer at a high level again, to not knowing if I would ever step foot on the pitch, to earning a starting spot, and eventually representing Kitsap in the PDL National Final in Detroit, Michigan.

And it was the Kitsap Pumas that recognized these qualities in me and gave me the opportunity to do what I love, continue developing as a player and to use the game of soccer to challenge myself to be a better person day in and day out.

Just as I and the rest of my incredibly talented teammates grew as people throughout the long and grueling PDL season, the club is developing and adapting as well. The Kitsap Pumas Soccer Club is making great strides to make their youth and professional teams the best that they can possibly be. With the northwest being the hub of the rapid growth of soccer in America, the Kitsap Pumas are leading the way in developing youth soccer for the region.


The mission of the Kitsap Pumas Soccer Club is to give young kids and young men alike a better chance to play the game they love at the highest level possible. Here at the Kitsap Pumas we believe in growing the game for future generations, following our passions and using that very passion for the sport we love to reinforce positive growth as both athletes and people.

If you are interested in the game of soccer, identify with our mission and would like more information regarding our youth teams, youth camps or any of the other numerous services we offer give us a call at (360)377-6008. Allez Pumas!



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