Pumas re-sign defensive midfielder Trevor Jensen

Pumas re-sign defensive midfielder Trevor Jensen

Pumas_logoBREMERTON, WA— (club release) The Kitsap Pumas continue to add to their roster this week by re-signing defensive midfielder Trevor Jensen.

Jensen, who became a staple of the Pumas midfield this past season, will join fellow midfielder Justin Ortinau, who was re-signed earlier this week, as the first two signings for the club in 2015.

A native of Chula Vista, California, “Trev” grew up playing for the highly respected San Diego Nomads Soccer Club, a club that has produced other professional players such as Steve Cherundolo, Frankie Hejduk, Eric Avila, Joe Corona and even former Kitsap Puma Jesus “Chuy” Sanchez, among numerous others.

“Growing up playing for Nomads I had many of the same teammates for about ten years and some of my best memories of soccer and friendships stem from those days,” recalled Jensen. “Every coach I played for while at Nomads had an incredible understanding of the game and really helped to instill in me the soccer knowledge I needed to become the player I am today.”

Trevor Jensen.
Trevor Jensen.

However, just prior to his final season playing for Nomads in the United States Development Academy, Jensen became very ill with a rare immune system problem and was forced to the sideline for over four months.

“That was a really difficult time for me. Not only was I in pretty bad condition and hardly able to get out of bed for what seemed forever, I lost one of the things that I cared most about, which was playing soccer,” Jensen recalled. “When you don’t get to play for awhile you really begin to wonder if you’ll ever get to play again, and that fear was very real for me.”

Although many top collegiate programs were interested in Jensen before he fell ill, once he was unable to play they understandably lost interest in pursuing him to be a part of their programs. Thus, Jensen elected to attend Willamette University, a small, prestigious school in Salem, Oregon.

“When I couldn’t play for those few months it really got me thinking about how soccer wasn’t everything and how I couldn’t just solely count on playing to always be a part of my life,” Jensen explained. “The whole experience really forced me to mature and luckily my parents always pushed me to excel in school so I was able to attend a university where I could both play soccer and pursue a meaningful degree.”

While at Willamette University, Jensen performed very well on the soccer field, scoring 17 career goals, getting a school record 18 career assists and earning both all-conference first team honors and an all west-region third team selection in 2013.

However, following his final season of collegiate soccer, Jensen found himself yearning for another opportunity to keep playing at a higher level and he decided to make the trip to Bremerton, Washington for the Puma’s tryouts.

“I always knew that I wanted to keep playing after college because I always felt like I had an unfortunate situation that robbed me of a soccer experience I felt I deserved,” said Jensen. “When my college coach told me about the Puma’s tryouts I jumped at the opportunity.”


After making the long trip to Bremerton two weekends in a row for both invitational tryouts, Jensen was offered a spot on the 2014 Puma’s roster. Although he was only one of a few non-Division 1 collegiate players to make the Puma roster, Jensen was able to earn a consistent spot in the Puma’s lineup.

I knew going in that the level was going to be very high and that I would need to be sharp every training session in order to earn the trust of the coaching staff and play a large role for the team,”said Jensen. “Our team was incredibly talented and honestly I was just thankful to be a part of that.”

The Pumas coaching staff was also very pleased with the surprisingly large impact Jensen was able to make throughout the PDL season and the Puma’s run to the national title game.

“Trev is a fantastic player who shows provides a steadying influence in the middle of the field” said head coach Cameron McDonald “The fact he was so heavily involved last year may have surprised a few however we knew from the start what he was capable of and I fully expect him to play an equally pivotal role in our National Championship pursuit this season”

Although last season proved to be very beneficial for both Jensen and the Puma’s organization, Jensen hopes to continue building upon his past experiences to bring the club even more success in the future.

“So many people have helped me to get where I am today and I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am for another opportunity to keep doing what I love,” said Jensen. “I have been working very hard this off-season and hope to balance being a quality role model for the youth clubs with bringing even more success to this club in the form of trophies in the coming months.”


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