US Adult Soccer grants US Club Soccer ‘provisional’ membership status

US Adult Soccer grants US Club Soccer ‘provisional’ membership status

USASAJohn Motto, President of the United States Adult Soccer Association, has sent out the following email:


Recently Duncan and I have been in contact with US Club Soccer to discuss bringing them under our wing, and after our NBOD call this week, we have voted to grant them provisional membership status. Like the AYSO, US Club Soccer is a youth-based organization with some adult leagues.

As the top adult soccer organization in the country, it’s to our benefit and US Club Soccer’s benefit to directly register their adult players to USASA. Most importantly, it’s a benefit to the unaffiliated adult players looking to join a league.

The addition of US Club Soccer is a step in the right direction to meet our overall goal to grow the game. Duncan and I look forward working with Kevin Payne and Bill Sage. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

WSASA LogoFor the State of Washington this means that along with the membership of the Washington State Adult Soccer Association, the newly-formed Cascadia Adult Soccer (who are members of US Club Soccer) can now align under USASA, and thus also the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Both the WSASA and Cascadia Adult Soccer issue player cards that include general insurance in case of injury. These player cards allow players to play in leagues that are members of those specific associations. The cards will not “cross over,” meaning some players might need both cards if they play at higher levels. The Evergreen Premier League and Western Indoor Soccer League, as examples, are members of the WSASA, thus those leagues require an WSASA players card.

CASATim Busch, President of the WSASA sent out a letter on the heels of the US Adult announcement. It reads, in part:

I applaud USASA President John Motta and the USASA National Board of Directors for this action.

What does this mean to adult play in Washington? As administrators, referees, coaches, team managers and players you will see very little change as a result of this decision. Each organization will continue to have their own player cards, which are only good in their own affiliated games. WSASA cards are good for our sanctioned games, and Club Soccer cards are only good for league games sanctioned by US Club Soccer. There is no reciprocity on use of player cards for sanctioned games. Players must be properly registered with the league/association in which they are playing for insurance to be in effect. It is exactly the same as with youth soccer in our state. Players either register with Washington Youth Soccer or US Club Soccer. Each of these associations issue their own cards for their own play.

USASA National Cup play is the one and only situation where both cards would be honored in the same competition.


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