Video Buzz

Video Buzz: EPLWA Home Towns in Wenatchee

A visit to Wenatchee, Washington, USA…Home Town of Wenatchee FC “Capitals” and supporters group The Bridge Mafia.

“EPLWA Home Towns sponsored by Ruffneck Scarves” makes its debut this season as a web TV show that goes on the scene at home matches of Evergreen Premier League clubs and captures the experience of players and fans and shares them online.

“We really want to share the growing club cultures in our league and to share the experiences of match day around the state of Washington,” says EPLWA Director of Communications David Falk. “So we are using the platform of this internet video show to bring the Evergreen Premier League to a wider audience.” The show will air on the EPLWA YouTube Channel and will share clips on the EPLWA Facebook Page.

Ruffneck Scarves has been a league partner since the very beginning. The soccer scarf company was eager to help with the project. They are supplying production equipment.


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