EPLWA Storylines: A week for turning the table

EPLWA Storylines: A week for turning the table

All eight Evergreen Premier League clubs are in action this week and the schedule has fallen in such a way that each match has its own meaning for places in the table. Clubs are facing off against fellow sides that are either directly chasing them or trying to stay ahead of them. There are battles at the top, middle and lower levels which will be “six point swing” contests.

VANCOUVER VICTORY FC 21 7 7 0 0 26 6 +20
SOUTH SOUND FC 17 7 5 0 2 23 7 +16
WENATCHEE FC 12 8 4 4 0 19 25 -6
SPOKANE SHADOW 11 6 3 1 2 14 5 +9
YAKIMA UNITED FC 10 8 3 4 1 18 18 0
SEATTLE STARS FC 7 7 2 4 1 11 18 -7
OLYMPIC FORCE 6 8 2 6 0 16 26 -10
BELLINGHAM UNITED FC 0 7 0 7 0 5 27 -22

Wenatchee FC v. Vancouver Victory FC – Saturday June 13, 6 PM – Mike Hollis Field

wfc_2015v2fc-full-color-crest-croppedWenatchee FC (4-4-0, 12 points) hosts Vancouver Victory FC (7-0-0 21 points) with their hopes of becoming contenders very much on the line. The Victory beat the Capitals 4-1 earlier in Vancouver. However last season V2FC were dealt a crucial loss at Mike Hollis Field by Wenatchee. Vancouver has a 4-point cushion at the top. Wenatchee has no room for error if they want to stay as high as third place. What would a win mean for Wenatchee? A winning record after nine matches, staying in third place, credit as an improving team, remaining alive in the title chase. What would a win mean for Vancouver? A guarantee of keeping their cushion atop the table, another away triumph with most of their home matches still to come, keeping confidence in what they are building.

Spokane Shadow v. South Sound Shock – Saturday June 13, 7 PM – Spokane Falls CC Stadium

shadow-new-crest-400ssfc-500The defending champion Shadow are in a bit of a tight spot. They have already lost at home to Vancouver and dropped 2 home points in a draw with Seattle. Their 3-1-2 (11 points) record after six matches is pretty good, but they are chasing the Victory with very little room for error. The South Sound Shock (5-0-2, 17 points) have played one more match than Spokane. Last week in Tacoma the clubs drew 0-0. What would a win mean for Spokane? It would keep them on track to put the pressure on Vancouver coming down the stretch, it would give them 14 standings points which might be enough for a move up to third place depending on what Wenatchee does, it would take three points away from a fellow-contender. What would a win mean for South Sound? They would keep a solid hold on second place, keep pressure on Vancouver, and would finally get a “w” over the Shadow in their 4th try.


Olympic Force v. Bellingham United – Sunday June 14, 3 PM – Gordon Field

Olympic_Force_Logo_2bufc-clearThe Olympic Force are 2-6-0 with 6 points in their first season in the EPLWA. The Hammers are surprisingly still looking for their first win and points, a disappointing 0-7-0 halfway through their season. Last year WestSound FC was a nemesis for Bellingham United, getting a shock 1-0 win in Bellingham and later another point in a 1-1 draw in Bremerton. So of those same players and coaches are now with the Force, who are playing BUFC for the first time. What would a win mean for the Force? Separation from last place in the table and even a look to who sits above them, a confidence builder with a team that has returning players and loanees in the mix, establishing themselves as tough to beat at home. What would a win men for United? A long-overdue end to the struggle to turn their season around, a chance to reinvent their narrative for the second half of their campaign, something for their loyal fans to celebrate.

Seattle Stars FC . Yakima United – Sunday June 14, 3:30 PM – Goddard Stadium

STARS-LOGO-new-575YUFCCREST_WHITE_300_WIDEYakima United has 10 points in the standings. Seattle Stars have 7. They sit 5th and 6th as they meet on Sunday afternoon. The Stars have a match in hand. The Hoppers are hoping to rebound from a loss at Olympic. What would a win mean for Seattle? The Stars would catch the Hoppers in the table and would stay ahead of the Force, they would also recover from a 6-1 loss to Vancouver at home last week. What would a win mean for Yakima? The Hoppers would put distance between themselves and the lower tier, they would also be at 13 points, which could see them end the weekend as high as third place depending on other results.

EPLWA Logo-06-CROP-500


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