Seattle joins in the WAKA Kickball party

Seattle joins in the WAKA Kickball party

Kickball at Gasworks Park in Seattle. A summer league is registering until July 6th. (Facebook photo)

SEATTLE, WA—Gasworks Park just saw thousands of fireworks watchers cover every square in of the grounds on July 4th. It’s a bit less crowded when co-ed adult kickball uses the area. But it is still a party.

WAKA Social Sports Seattle runs the adult co-ed kickball league, and it is indeed just what you think it is. The same sport played in grade school is brought to the adult level. Add in both competition and a party vibe, and you’ve got the mix for how some folks are spending their Thursday nights this summer.

Pitch. Kick. Run. Catch. Throw. Elements of soccer mix freely with baseball’s basic rules. Throw in just a bit of dodgeball, too.

Just when you think it is all about a sport and nostalgia, you are just as likely to see the participants dress up as animals and continue playing. Then of course there is the post-game gathering at some local watering hole (in this case, The Dock Sports Bar and Grill in Fremont.)

Underdog Sports Seattle also has a kickball league. Visit them at


It’s all connected to a larger national movement, with details at and on Facebook at Yes, there is a national championship tournament.

The WAKA story goes a little something like this… In 1998, a group of friends, Johnny LeHane, David Lowry, and Jimmy Walicek, gathered in a bar in Washington, DC. As young professionals, they were missing the social clubs and easy ways of meeting people that they had experienced in college. So they did the most logical thing – they got their friends together for a kickball game.

Today, WAKA offers leagues in 35 states and organizes events all around the country. To ensure we stay close to the mission and constantly create fun and memorable experiences, WAKA’s founders have carved out 4 core values that guide everything they do.

Be Positive and Deliver the Best – This is our guide to customer happiness and pride in what we do.

Do the Right Thing – This is our rule to help us make the best decisions.

Family First – WAKA believes in the strength of the family and will best accommodate and schedule through an employee’s family needs.

Live Fun – This is our mantra and is the foundation upon which WAKA was built. Life should be fun, and people should be happy.




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