FC Tacoma to play in NPSL Western Regionals in Sacramento

FC Tacoma to play in NPSL Western Regionals in Sacramento

fctacoma_crest(club release) How far this first year NPSL team has come! No one anticipated such a success, not even club President Giuseppe Pezzano, who decided to embark on this adventure after having a women’s WPSL team for two years.

“I have been working on OSA Soccer Group for several years in order to bridge European and American soccer.” Giuseppe Pezzano said. “Three years ago we started a women’s team that participated in the WPSL. We won the Northwest Conference and the Evergreen Cup and reached the Regional Finals in the first year. Now we are working to reach the same results with the men’s team, in their debut in the NPSL”.

The NPSL is a 4th division league falling under the pro leagues, giving players great visibility from professional teams. The over abundance of leagues, and the lack of developmental academies connected to pro teams makes the NPSL the place for talented players to be discovered from.

What Pezzano implemented with the women’s and the men’s teams furthered OSA’s mission to bridge Italian and American soccer by having Italians and Americans play on the team. “We believe that the Italian soccer mentality and coaching can support and complete the American style. And we are demonstrating that our idea works.”


OSA FCT played twice against Sacramento Gold in the regular season. They lost both games, but always played well. The upcoming game could bring better results!

“Sacramento Gold is a good team and it will be a tough game. We have the whole week to prepare for the game and correct our mistakes.” Samuele Piccinotti, Italian midfielder told us. “So far we have shown that we can reach our goals, by being a cohesive team, listening to the coaches instructions and giving 100% on the field. We achieved great results and we want to win. I am proud to be part of this team and this group”.

So, be ready for the big game on Saturday, July 11th at 7pm.


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