2015 LogoWARS: Vote in the quarterfinals!

2015 LogoWARS: Vote in the quarterfinals!


Nearly 3,000 votes were cast in the first round (see percentage results here) and we are on to the quarterfinals of the 2015 goalWA.net LogoWARS!

The biggest “upsets” of the first round were Olympic Force knocking out former winner and #3 seed Bellingham United FC and #13 Everett United knocking out last year’s winner and #4 seed Yakima United FC. The #5 seed Tacoma Stars couldn’t muster the vote and fell to another team with Tacoma in its name, FC Tacoma 253.

Now we move on to the quarters and some very interesting match-ups. Can Oly Town get out the grass roots vote and fell the #1 seed Sounders FC? Are the Kitsap Pumas organized enough to rally their fans over Wenatchee FC? In the battle of underdogs can Everett United FC use their “Titan, God of the Sea” pitchfork to oust 253? Finally, is the Force still with Olympic, even though they are up against the Reign? VOTE BELOW and SHARE this page with your friends. Polls close Wednesday night July 15 at 11:59 PM.


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