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Tiebreaker could decide Ruffneck Cup Wednesday when Sounders U23 visit Kitsap Pumas


The Ruffneck Cup has been around since 2012 when it was established by and sponsored by Ruffneck Scarves to honor the Puget Sound-area Premier Development League (PDL) side that could beat its local rivals the most over the season. In fact, the cup’s motto is “Beat Thy Neighbor.”

So far the Kitsap Pumas have won all three previous Ruffneck Cups. They won by a single match in 2012 when the Sounders U23 finished second to them 18 points to 15. The Pumas repeated in 2013, doing just enough to take an 12-9 win on points. The last match between the two decided it, and that ended in a 3-3 classic. In 2014 Kitsap ran away with the cup 16 points to the U23’s 7 for a three-peat.

2015 Ruffneck Cup Standings  Pts W L T GF GA GD
Kitsap Pumas 15 5 0  0 9 1 8
Sounders U23 12 4 1  0 13 4 9
Puget Sound Gunners 2 0 4  2 4 12 -8
Washington Crossfire 2 0 4  2 6 15 -9

Now comes 2015, and perhaps the best chance yet for the Sounders U23’s (7-3-1) to win their first Ruffneck Cup. The Pumas (9-0-2) lead the race 15-12 going into Wednesday night’s match at Gordon Field. A win or draw for Kitsap would mean a four-peat. However, the U23’s have plenty to fight for, even though both clubs are already playoff-bound. A Sounders win would put both clubs at 15 points. So, this:

Tiebreakers: If two or more clubs are tied at the end of the competition the tiebreakers shall be, in this order:

1. Head-to-head results
2. Goal differential in head-to-head results
3. Goal differential in all cup results
4. Most goals scored in all cup results

Earlier the clubs played in Sumner with the Pumas winning 1-0. If the U23’s win by a single goal Wednesday night, then both would have 15 points and tiebreakers would decide the cup. A one-goal U23’s win would mean a tie in the first and second tiebreakers. So we would go to the third tiebreaker. The U23’s have had a more prolific offense than Kitsap, who has won three of their cup matches 1-0. The U23’s would take the third tiebreaker. If the U23’s win by two goals, they would take the cup on the second tiebreaker.

So either way, if the Sounders U23’s can win in Bremerton, they win their first Ruffneck Cup trophy.

Kitsap Pumas v. Sounders U23

Gordon Field, Kitsap County Fairgrounds

Wednesday July 15, 7 PM.

2012 Ruffneck Cup scarves fresh in the box. This year the scarves will be designed post-title using winning club colors.

2012 Ruffneck Cup scarves fresh in the box. This year the scarves will be designed post-title using winning club colors.

It's down to Sounders U23 or Kitsap Pumas. To be decided July 13 in Bremerton...

Here’s the 2013 trophy. It sits proudly now in the office of the Pumas. Can they four-peat on Wednesday?


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