The Wash: Ranking the top kits in Washington for 2015…so far

The Wash: Ranking the top kits in Washington for 2015…so far


The Wash is David Falk’s take on the world of soccer in The WA.

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by David Falk

Style matters. So when a club picks its kit for a season they factor in price, availability, sponsorship, color scheme and in the end also if the thing looks good. This year our clubs have played it pretty safe in terms of uniforms. Those that took a bit of a risk were also the ones who had the best kits. It’s all open to personal taste and opinion. I am never shy about sharing my thoughts, so here are my favorite five kits for 2015…so far. We’ll be watching to see what the college season brings. What did our readers vote as #1 back in December of 2014? See the results here.

#5 – Sounders Black

These are the best alternate kits in the history of the MLS Sounders. The black works great with the green and is a welcome change from some of the earlier electric choices the club has made. The kit was announced over a year ago and is in its second cycle of use. Addidas has a winner with these.

#4 Vancouver Victory FC

Attachment-1 (3)-a
Vancouver Victory FC (Evergreen Premier League) went above and beyond to style their kits, which are in their second year of use. Owner Barrett Goddard flew to Los Angeles to meet with Vizari reps, who designed the kit for the club. The final look features checkered ‘Victory flag’ panels on the sides and a light wave motion on the Columbia blue front. Add in white shorts and socks that are also custom, and you have a look that works.

#3 Seattle Reign FC Away


There was a clear winner when Seattle Reign FC announced their most-recent set of kits, and it wasn’t those gaudy electric purple / neon lemon ones. No, it was the understated but classy away kit that features a well-placed blue horizontal stripe above a gray front panel, highlighting a kit that is white the rest of the way. Nike kits get a lot of heat for good reason. These work.

#2 Kitsap Pumas Yellow


You know you want one. In 2015 the Kitsap Pumas decided to take an element of their crest and make it shine: shine on, yellow. These Admiral kits are bold and classic at the same time, both a statement and understated. But let’s be clear here…they are great because they are yellow. And blue. And white. And awesome.

#1 Tacoma Stars

Derek Johson leads the Stars in goals. He says sticking to the game plan will decide who wins the WISL. (Wilson Tsoi)

Like there was any other choice. Sometimes “custom” is code for disaster. Other times it represents everything about a club. The return of the Tacoma Stars means the return of the classic look from the 1980’s. How has it survived the years? Perfectly. Admiral made the blue more towards navy, and now the “Charlie Brown” diamond pattern goes front and back. But it is still the bright orange, yellow and white of the Tacoma Stars. A kit that tells us instantly who we are watching.


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