Washington Youth Soccer responds to new USSF mandates; RCL moving to calendar-year age classifications

Washington Youth Soccer responds to new USSF mandates; RCL moving to calendar-year age classifications

wys-logo(Washington Youth Soccer) Over the past year, Washington Youth Soccer has been involved in discussions with our parent organizations, the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) and US Youth Soccer, regarding potential mandated rule changes to the youth soccer structure.  At the USSF Board Meeting held July 5th, the USSF Board of Directors approved the Player Development Initiatives developed and proposed by the National Coaching Staff.  These two initiatives mandate small-sided games at Under-12 and a move from school year (Aug. 1-July 31) to calendar-year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) age groups.

USSF Development Initiatives [pdf]

USSF’s schedule for the rule changes will be adopted as best practices beginning August of 2016, and mandated as of August of 2017.  Washington Youth Soccer is in ongoing discussions to provide a pathway to best implement the transition within the state.  No changes will be implemented for the upcoming 2015-2016 seasonal year, and more information will be announced within the following month.

Regional Club League position on USSF mandate of calendar-year age classifications

RCL Washington2

In response to a U.S. Soccer Federation mandate beginning in August 2017, Washington Youth Soccer and the Regional Club Subcommittee have committed to transition from a school-year (Aug. 1 – July 31) registration model to a calendar-year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) registration model, effective for the 2016-2017 Regional Club League (RCL) season.

This move will align the RCL with US Youth Soccer and Region IV, which will conduct their regional and national competitions under the calendar-year model beginning with the 2016-2017 season.

For more information on the transition to calendar-year registration for Regional Clubs, please contact the Director of Coaching for your Club.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 RCL season:

  • All teams will be based on calendar-year age classifications.
  • All tryouts will be staggered to midweek start dates so that players finishing State Cup play can do so without conflict.
  • Players will not be required to purchase new jerseys if there is a duplicate number on the new teams formed.  Clubs will be required to mark the jersey numbers with alternate colors (distinct bright color, either a patch or dye) until the next uniform cycle for the team.
  • All teams in RCL play will ‘hold’ their current position unless evaluated by the club as requiring a move down for competitive purposes.

Washington Youth Soccer will announce further information on the roll-out of changes from USSF and US Youth Soccer.  Check WashingtonYouthSoccer.org or your Club’s website for additional updates.


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