Spokane youths form “Players for Community,” ignite drive to help wildfire fighters, communities

Spokane youths form “Players for Community,” ignite drive to help wildfire fighters, communities

Richard Cloutier (left) and borther William have formed “Players for Community” and are using the organization to assist wildfire workers and communities.

SPOKANE, WA—Richard and William Cloutier can see the impact of this year’s Washington wildfires by just stepping outside their front door. Spokane is dealing with air pollution issues from the fires. These issues have driven many clubs to cancel matches and take practices indoors.

The brothers have decided that they need to help, and have started a movement called “Players for Community” whose mission is to get youth soccer players (and other athletes) to become socially aware and then active in their communities. They are hoping to bring Spokane soccer players together, even as they suit up for different clubs.

Players for Community Facebook Page

“I play for Shadow and my brother William plays for WE (Washington East),” says Richard. “He and I have a charity, “Players for Community.” We work with athletes and organizations coordinating volunteering and drives for charities. Our charity is structured so that we facilitate the process of collaborations among non profits, business and athletes to aid those in need. We are under the guidance of Patrice Cloutier (mother of the boys) who has extensive experience in the non-profit sector and creating outreach programs.”


This weekend the Cloutier brothers are headed north to help feed firefighters and drop off initial supplies. “We are working with the distribution leaders in the communities in need. Our first run will be this Friday morning. We are bringing supplies donated by local businesses and our teammates,” says Richard.

There is another drive planned to get supplies up to the fire lines. Ricahrd says that is coming up next week. “It is our goal to bring the soccer community together and create one large collaborative effort.There will be a central location for donation drop off and coordinated runners to deliver the collected items.”

Here are the details of the next collection drive. For contact information email us at goalWA@gmail.com.

Spokane Soccer Community Drive for Wildfire Fire Fighters and Evacuee
Saturday September 5th 8 am – 10 am
Grocery Outlet 3rd St.

Donations needed:

Jerky/beef sticks ****HIGH DEMAND****
Cough drops
Saline eye wash
Emergen-C/ or vitamins to prevent sickness
Clorox wipes
Baby wipes (for their faces)
Water/Sports drinks
Undergarments MEN & !!!WOMEN!!!
*Socks (Cotton)
*Underwear (Cotton)
*T Shirts (Cotton)
Shoe inserts
Head Lamps
AAA & AA Batteries
Boot Grease
Leather Boot Laces (Long)
Foot Powder
Gum/Hard Candy (for pockets)
Non perishable snacks (for on the go)
Hygiene needs (toothpaste, deodorant, body wash)
Feminine Hygiene products
Cleaning Products (409, Windex, Multi-Purpose)
Paper Towels
Gift cards/Fuel Cards

Pet Food wet/dry
Blankets for bedding


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