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Video Buzz: The Vanguard lights up in support of Vancouver Victory has been featuring short videos on supporters groups around Washington. Earlier we looked at supporters in Wenatchee and Bellingham. Today our attention turns to Vancouver, where The Vanguard have supported Vancouver Victory FC since their debut in the Evergreen Premier League in 2014.

It hasn’t always been an easy association between The Vanguard and the league, or even their home club. This is an old-school flares, smoke and tifo styled group that likes to light up for matches. The Evergreen Premier League doesn’t allow “pyro,” in part because of stadium insurance issues. The Vanguard live for this way of supporting, and have often defied any “ban” and covered their half of McKenzie Stadium in blue smoke.

Recently the Victory themselves have asked the group to stop the pyro, per league wishes. This has caused some online rants from the group, who believe strongly that “Pyro is not a crime.”

The Vanguard on Facebook


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