Tacoma CC Titans top Highline, take over first in NWAC West

Tacoma CC Titans top Highline, take over first in NWAC West

MSoccer 092315-3hcclogoTACOMA, WA— (submission to goalWA.net) Highline dropped their first match of the season in a 3-­2 decision away at Tacoma. In what was a highly anticipated and hotly contested game, the Titans were able to find a way past the Thunderbirds and take over first place in the Western Division. Tacoma registered goals from Jordan Loomans, Tanner Allison and the eventual match winner from Spencer Whiting. While on the Thunderbirds side both Tyler John and Alex Lewis got on the score sheet.

The game started with both teams looking to feel each other out while not giving too much away. It must be said Tacoma made the brighter start and had a few opportunities early in the match, but Thunderbird goalkeeper Grayson Raffensberger was up to the task to preserve the deadlock. However Tacoma would find a way through in the 34th minute as Loomans latched on to a long through ball and was able to keep his composure and slide the ball into the net. While there were a few more chances for each side, the score going into halftime was 1-­0 Tacoma.

Tacoma 3-0-0 9 5-1-3 20 9 4
Highline 2-1-0 6 4-1-1 20 5 4
Bellevue 1-1-0 3 3-2-1 6 7 2
Pierce 1-2-0 3 2-4-1 7 14 2
S. Puget Sound 0-3-0 0 0-4-1 5 21 0

TCCLOGOBoth teams came out in the second half with a great much intensity ready to leave their mark in the game. It also must be said that despite the importance and passion on display in the match, it was played in a very good spirit with very few malicious tackles going in. The T-­Birds looked to come out and control the opening minutes of the second half and in the 55th minute they would get their reward. Isidro Prado-­Huerta whipped in a sublime free kick from the left flank that was neatly dispatched by sophomore Tyler John. The ‘Birds would then only have to wait 4 more minutes to get the lead as Isidro played a brilliant through ball that found the feet of Alex Lewis who smashed the ball past the onrushing Tacoma goalkeeper Evan Munn.

MSoccer 092315-16
Jules Mugisha on the attack for Highline.

The Thunderbirds were bossing the game at this point and it looked as they would go on to collect all three points. The Titans begged the differ and in the 68th they would find their own equalizer. Tanner Allison found himself with space on top the T-­‐Bird box and rifled a shot into the lower left corner of the net. With the game tied up, the match really began to open up and Tacoma would use this to their advantage in the 83rd minute to find the winner. Edwin Brown hit a fantastic through ball from the right flank that found the feet of Spencer Whiting. Spencer got the slightest of touches on the ball that proved to be enough to slide past on the onrushing Raffensberger. Despite a few late chances for the T-­Birds and some smart saves by Munn in the Tacoma goal, Highline was unable to find an equalizer of their own and the match ended 3-­2.

In what was a very exciting match the crowd got all their money’s worth on the day. Both of these teams look to be threats going into the post season and if this match is anything to go by, the return two fixtures at Highline will prove to be an exciting affair!

Loomans, Jordan (Tacoma) at 34 min
John, Tyler (Highline) at 55 min
Lewis, Alex (Highline) at 59 min
Allison, Tanner (Tacoma) at 68 min
Whiting, Spencer (Tacoma) at 83 min

Phillips, Jonah (Tacoma) at 34 min
Prado-Huerta, Isidro (Highline) at 55 min
Castillo, Alex (Highline) at 59 min
Hogan, Connor (Tacoma) at 68 min
Brown, Edwin (Tacoma) at 83 min

Munn, Evan (Tacoma) Saves: 3
Raffensperger, Grayson (Highline) Saves: 5

Goals Allowed:
Munn, Evan (Tacoma) Goals Allowed: 2
Raffensperger, Grayson (Highline) Goals Allowed: 3

Yellow Cards:
Alvaro Osornio (Highline)
Garrett Brewer (Highline)
Alex Lewis (Highline)
Tanner Allison (Tacoma)
Evan House (Tacoma)
Cody Crook (Tacoma)

Red Cards:

Fighting Ejections:


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