Former Seahawk Bumpus follows love of soccer to OSA FC

Former Seahawk Bumpus follows love of soccer to OSA FC

Michael Bumpus. (OSA FC photo)

SEATTLE, WA—The last time Michael Bumpus made local soccer news was back in 2011 when he was part of Tacoma Tide FC open tryouts (see video below.) Now he’s resurfaced with OSA FC, which recently announced he has joined the NPSL side as Fitness Technical Director.

“I got to know the men’s Head Coach Filippo Milano and some players last year, and they are great guys and there’s talent on the team that I want to work with,” Bumpus tells “It was an easy decision. I like what the club is doing, they are very professional and with their soccer contacts throughout the world there are many opportunities to develop my skills, it’s a natural fit for me.”

OSAFC-logoBumpus is featured in this 2014 article as he did a fitness stat-up in Monroe, WA.

“I’m motivated and hoping for the best. I know the guys are in good hands because I have them for fitness and Coach Milano is handling the rest so my job in early spring is to get them ready for the season and help them maintain it through their season in hopes they can win the Northwest Conference again.”

Michael’s borther-in-law Elmer Rodriguez is a goalkeeper for OSA FC.


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