Video Buzz: Santa Maria Rivera’s ‘Improbable Life’ in soccer on film

Santa Maria Rivera was once a player for the Seattle Sounders of the USL. That’s only part of his soccer and life story, though. Recently a 22-minute short film about Rivera was released online.

by David Falk

Santa Maria Rivera has plenty of stories to tell. Lately though he’s been letting a short film do most of the talking. The Golazo Energy Drink spokesperson is the subject of a video (see below) crafted to share his life and to relate to the common goals, struggles and journeys in the world of ‘futbol.’

“Over the last couple years I have developed a relationship with Golazo, who found my life story particularly captivating as it represents much that they are trying to accomplish,” Santa tells me.

So how did the film happen? “The film was made over a series of months in 2011 in Mexico (Tijuana, Morelia, Zihuatanejo), Yakima and Seattle,” describes Rivera.  “A film crew followed me around retracing my steps as a young footballer and the path that my family took to arrive in the Yakima Valley at seven years old.”

Rivera brings energy and focus to his work with Golazo. “As an aspirational brand Golazo believes that everyone is born to score and that with the ball as their compass, they will create a platform for human potential. This is what led them to stamp my image on every single can of their All Natural Sports Energy beverage and produce my life documentary.”

Rivera as a Sounder in 2007. (David Falk photos)

Santa has traveled the Northwest since he arrived here, finding ways to keep playing the beautiful game. “I played for the Yakima Reds before attending Seattle University and captaining them to a National Championship in 2004. I was fortunate to be picked up by the Sounders after college and played two seasons for them. It was some of the best and most rewarding years of my life.”

Rivera connected with the up and coming soccer drink brand back when they were just launching. Now he’s involved with getting the word out about the product, and also with evangelizing about the joys of soccer.

“Today I find myself coaching at FC Alliance in Woodinville, WA under Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar while also spending time with the Marketing Team at Golazo as an ambassador for the brand. At Golazo we are on a mission to become the passion brand for soccer.”


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