Countdown in History: 1978 Seattle Sounders

How would the Sounders follow-up their dynamic, cinderella season of 1977? As it turns out, with a playoff loss to the same club that beat them in Soccer Bowl ’77. Guess who guested with Seattle in 1978? None other than Sir Bobby Moore.

Today continues a daily count-up of our Museum pages of Seattle soccer history! We are covering the three incarnations of the Sounders as well as FC Seattle. Be sure to check back everyday until we catch up to the current season! It all began for Seattle pro soccer back in 1974…now we are up to…1978.

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The Sounders had plenty of big names involved with the 1978 club, including Sir Bobby Moore, Harry Redknapp and Mike England. Still, the side managed to get into three separate three-match losing streaks while finishing just 15-15. The late Mickey Cave led the club with 13 goals.

Sir Bobby Moore had been making the rounds in America, and the NASL Sounders were known for their love of UK players. He ended up with Seattle for seven matches.

Sir Bobby Moore liked the Seattle sun in the summer of 1978. This fan photo shows Bobby poolside at a Bellevue apartment where UK Sounders players stayed during the season. (Jenni Conner)

The Sounders rematched with the New York Cosmos in the first round of the NASL playoffs, but this was not the same Sounders who had pushed the Cosmos to the wall the previous year. New York ousted Seattle easily at the Meadowlands, 5:2.

Top Left: Steve Buttle. Top Right: Mickey Cave, Tommy Ord, Cliff Brown. Bottom: Bobby Moore, Mike England, Bobby Howe

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