New Look: George comes to via ‘Rocketship’

I can not tell a lie. I was a bit skeptical about using Washington state flag imagery to define our new soccer news & feature site.

Then George arrived in my email box one day, and scored a header right down the middle…of

by David Falk

When I thought about who could design a permanent “look” for a website with massive ambitions (like reporting on soccer of all kinds for a state of six million, many of them fans, coaches and players of the sport), I thought right away of Joel DuChesne.

Joel is the Principal and Creative Director of Luminous Creative in Everett, and also is behind the new website design venture So, you could say that our soccer George arrived home on a rocketship of sorts. Rocketship is joining our sponsors list today, too.

Washington state soccer fans are already familiar with Joel’s work, if not his name. Joel has been having fun, and some serious fun, too, with soccer logos and crest over recent years. Joel designed the official crest of the Kitsap Pumas Soccer Club in Bremerton, has crests in the running to be the new look for the North Sound SeaWolves, and teased us all with some great designs for the MLS Sounders back in 2008 before the club chose their eventual identity. (See some of Joel’s work below.)

Joel thought the idea of bringing in George as the symbol for was a no-brainer. Turns out he was right. Readers have already requested George on T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs. We’re going to make that happen. Stay tuned.

“I’ve been designing brands and websites for close to 20 years,” Joel tells me. “I love good design and I also love soccer.”

DuChesne started watching the sport back in 1994 when he married his wife in France. They were there while the World Cup was being held back here in the USA. “I gained a huge appreciation for the sport while watching the World Cup with her family,” remembers Joel.

“Soon after this I began taking notice of all the team crests and kits as we spent time in England and France. Being a designer I naturally gravitated towards all the history involved in the crests,” says Joel.

“Ever since, I’ve been looking for any opportunity to design soccer-related logos. My dream is to design a crest and kit for a major soccer team (preferably the Sounders).”

Fans have appreciated Joel’s Sounders designs for their style, thoughtfulness and attention towards club history, especially that of the North American Soccer League Sounders.

Welcome to our website, George. Let’s do this!


5 thoughts on “New Look: George comes to via ‘Rocketship’

  1. David, solid green shirt with the logo on the front. It’ll look just like the state flag. This is the best logo I have seen in a while. Brilliant!

    Bring on the tshirts!

  2. I really like the logo. It’s memorable, whimsical and to the point. And I like Sam’s suggestion. I’ll buy a shirt as soon as I can.

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