Oly Town Artesians win 2015 LogoWARS


The Oly Town Artesians of the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) have won the vote as best in state in the 2015 goalWA.net LogoWARS. The Artesians and the Kitsap Pumas battled for days in a close vote until the final day, when hundreds of votes came in during the last hours. Many of those votes were for Oly Town, who pulled away to take the poll, 59% to 41%. The Artesians join Bellingham United (2013) and Yakima United (2014) as winners of LogoWARS.

The founder of Oly Town FC Brandon Sparks also designed the logo for the club. Below is his graphic explaining the different elements of the crest.


Visit the club at OlyTownFC.com and the WISL at WISLnews.com.



6 thoughts on “Oly Town Artesians win 2015 LogoWARS

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