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2013 Ruffneck Cup match schedule

18 – Washington Crossfire 0:1 Kitsap Pumas
24 – Sounders U23 3:3 Kitsap Pumas

5 –  Sounders U23 1:0 North Sound SeaWolves
15 – Sounders U23 1:0 Washington Crossfire
17 – Washington Crossfire 0:1 North Sound SeaWolves
28 – North Sound SeaWolves 3:3 Kitsap Pumas
30 – Washington Crossfire 3:3 Sounders U23

3 – Kitsap Pumas 2:1 Washington Crossfire
4 – North Sound SeaWolves 1:0 Sounders U23
7 – Kitsap Pumas 3:1 North Sound SeaWolves
12 – North Sound SeaWolves 1:2 Washington Crossfire
13 – Kitsap Pumas 3:3 Sounders U23

The 2013 Ruffneck Cup (home page) will be awarded to the Puget Sound club that can best accomplish the task of the cup slogan: beat thy neighbor.”

The Kitsap Pumas, North Sound SeaWolves, Sounders U23 andWashington Crossfire will have six league battles each to claim the second-annual cup that goes to the winner of Puget Sound area derby matches between the four sides. This season the competition has selected three home and three away matches for each side, a balanced home/away against the others.

Justin Robbins scored the winning goal in Kitsap's 2:1 Ruffneck Cup clincher over Washington Crossfire. (Madi Williamson)

Justin Robbins scored the winning goal in Kitsap’s 2:1 Ruffneck Cup clincher over Washington Crossfire in 2012. (Madi Williamson)

The 2013 Ruffneck Cup trophy will be donated by Ruffneck Scarves (www.RuffneckWear.com).  goalWA.net (www.goalWA.net) will track the standings and help award the cup. Along with the trophy one hundred 2013 Ruffneck Cup Champion scarves donated by Ruffneck Scarves will go to the club which finishes atop the derby table.

The Kitsap Pumas won the inaugural Ruffneck Cup in 2012.

The four clubs’  full 2013 league schedules can be viewed here.





crossfire foundation

2012 Ruffneck Cup FINAL Standings PTS GF GA GD
1. Kitsap Pumas 2012 CHAMPIONS (7 matches played) 18 16 6 +10
2. Sounders U23 (7 matches played) 15 16 8 +8
3. Washington Crossfire (7 matches played) 9 8 10 -2
4. North Sound SeaWolves FC (7 matches played) 0 5 21 -16

Clubs will be awarded three points (PTS) for each win and one point for each tie. The tiebreaker rules (see below) use Head-to-head results, Goals For (GF), Goals Against (GA) and Goal Differential (GD).

Ruffneck Cup Matches 2012

19…Kitsap Pumas 3:1 Sounders U-23′s
23…Washington Crossfire 1:0 North Sound SeaWolves FC
30…Washington Crossfire 1:2 Kitsap Pumas

1….North Sound SeaWolves 1:2 Washington Crossfire
3….North Sound SeaWolves 0:3 Kitsap Pumas
8….Sounders U-23′s 2:0 Washington Crossfire
15…Sounders U23 0:3 Kitsap Pumas
20…North Sound SeaWolves 2:3 Washington Crossfire
29…North Sound SeaWolves 0:5 Sounders U-23′s
29…Kitsap Pumas 2:1 Washington Crossfire RUFFNECK CUP CLINCHED

1….Kitsap Pumas 2:1 North Sound SeaWolves 
1….Washington Crossfire 0:1 Sounders U-23′s
6….Kitsap Pumas 1:2 Sounders U-23′s
11…Sounders U23 5:1 North Sound SeaWolves

When one of the Puget Sound Premier Development League clubs plays another this season, it will happen with the added incentive of knowing the race for the Ruffneck Cup is also on the line.

The Cascadia Cup goes to the winner of the season series between the Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps. The Ruffneck Cup goes to the winner of the season series between the Kitsap Pumas, North Sound SeaWolves, Sounders U23 and Washington Crossfire. Sponsored by www.RuffneckScarves.com and www.goalWA.net, the Ruffneck Cup trophy was revealed on April 25th.

goalWA.net will keep the official updated standings so fans can follow their neighborhood club’s progress.

Clubs will be awarded three points (PTS) for each win and one point for each tie. The tiebreaker rules (see below) use Goals For (GF), Goals Against (GA) and Goal Differential (GD).

The Premier Development League has released the 2012 season schedule and we are now able to post the complete Ruffneck Cup fixture list as well as the tiebreaker rules.

Tiebreakers: If two or more clubs are tied at the end of the competition the tiebreakers shall be, in this order: 1. Head-to-head results 2. Goal differential in head-to-head results 3. Goal differential in all cup results 4. Most goals scored in all cup results

The Ruffneck Cup fixture list features an unbalanced number of home / away matches. While each club will play seven Ruffneck Cup games, the North Sound SeaWolves and Kitsap Pumas will host four, while the Sounders U23 and Washington Crossfire will host three each. This is necessary due to the unbalanced division schedule. Further, both the SeaWolves and Sounders U23 were scheduled to play an eighth local match against each other on June 10th. That match has been dropped from the competition to balance the list at seven matches each. The SeaWolves and Sounders U23 will meet a second time at the U23′s venue to end the competition on July 11th.

“Ruffneck Scarves is very excited about getting involved with another great Northwest soccer rivalry and tradition,” says founder Jeff McIntyre. “We are always looking at ways we can get involved in our local soccer community, and what better way to show our support than to sponsor a local Puget Sound derby amongst four clubs that promote player development with a high level of competition.”

Ruffneck Scarves makes custom soccer scarves and supports the game at every local level. www.RuffneckScarves.com

100 Champion Scarves will go to 2012 Ruffneck Cup winners

The Ruffneck Cup debuts in 2012 as a neighborhood battle between the four Premier Development League clubs in the greater Puget Sound area: Kitsap Pumas, North Sound SeaWolves, Sounders U23, Washington Crossfire.

Today Ruffneck Scarves and goalWA.net announce that 100 unique scarves will be awarded to the winning side.

There’s no better way to celebrate a soccer cup victory than to lift up scarves made especially for your triumph. One Puget Sound PDL club will get that honor this summer. While we await the final design of the actual Ruffneck Cup trophy, today we can reveal the scarves that only the winners will receive.

The Ruffneck Cup kicks off May 19 when the Sounders U23 travel to Bremerton to face the defending PDL National Champion Kitsap Pumas.

www.goalWA.net will keep updated standings as the race for the cup roars on through May, June and July.


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